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Simple Converting Sales Funnels

A decade or so ago, marketers sold-out things today differently than nowadays.

When we released a brand new product, like an info-product or piece of software package, it was typically one product for sale.

The price ranged from $47 to $97 and sometimes much higher.

Then around 2010 or so, things really started heating up within the internet marketing area.

The competition began getting tougher and tougher and costs started dropping.

Prices for a similar products that used to sell at a premium, started dropping to $17 or less, generally as low as $7.

Since most marketers cannot survive on $7 product sales, a brand new strategy was born…

Marketers started adding additional product onto a low price front end product and structuring what’s identified currently as the Sales Funnel.

Without any extra work, traffic or effort, a sales funnel will increase your revenue considerably.

Why funnels caught on so quickly…

If you’ll be able to sell a low price front end product that the market wants, your sales funnel will generate the remainder of the profit you need.

While i was not a fan of sales funnels initially, I came to just accept them as a necessity.

Buyers required low value products and sellers required the way to survive.

So I joined the fray and began using funnels a few years ago.

Today i would like to show you an example of a live funnel so you’ll be able to implement the strategy in your own business.

Last year my friend launched his 2018 version of my Affiliate Master Swipe File at:

It’s a large PDF directory of his top one hundred most up-to-date Affiliate product and a folder with All his stealth”Conversational” Promos.

The product are largely within the internet marketing niche but there are product about a kids book writing program, an anti-aging plr package, a journal writing program, stress, weight loss and a couple of others as well. it is a good mix and they all covert nice.

Here’s a picture of the folder with all the promos so you’ll be able to see a number of the niches involved…


He launched this product at a low price and made it my front end product.

Then built a funnel in JVZoo that looks like this:

As you’ll be able to see, every product throughout a funnel prices a bit more.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the product in my funnel above…

OTO #1

Social Poster Mega Pack:

“A Gigantic Package of Professionally Designed Social Posters for immediate and viral web site Traffic”

OTO #2

Flagship web Business Course:

“PLR to an enormous web Business How-To Course I Created For my own clients and sold more than Six Figures value.”

OTO #3

Unreleased Product W/ PLR:

“PLR to a huge Video based Product I Created For my own biz and never released To the general public.”

I invite you to go to every of these pages and see how the funnel flows.

Secrets to setting up an efficient sales funnel:

#1: Pay big Commissions

One of the secrets to a decent funnel is how you structure your commissions for affiliates.

It’s currently common to pay the maximum amount as 60%-100% commission on the front end.

This boosts your your earnings per click and helps attract additional affiliates to market your offer.

Now maybe you are wondering how the heck you create any cash paying out such high commissions…

Well, the solution is in your funnel.

Most marketers pay five hundredth commissions through the rest of the funnel.

Then they additionally tie in a back end offer like a higher ticket item.

#2: Capture Front-end buyers Email Addresses

This is one of the most necessary stuff you will do with every product you launch.

Since you are going to the trouble of recruiting countless affiliates to market for you, and paying them huge commissions, you need to grow your customer list.

Your buyer list is your bread and butter. it’s created from people who are willing to pay cash to create cash.

So integrate an autoresponder once setting up your product and set it to single opt-in.

JVZoo enables you to tie in an autoresponder with a few clicks at their product setup page.

As your buyer list grows you will sell a lot of and a lot of of your own products and affiliate products.

#3: Have a Contest

JVZoo also enables you to have a contest and even trackes the number of sales for you.

If you cannot afford massive prizes, simply give out bonus money for different sales levels.

For instance, $25 bonus for 15 sales, $50 bonus for 30 sales, $100 for 50 sales, etc.

This gives your affiliates incentive to market steadily throughout your launch.

#4: Use Video On All Funnel Pages

Most marketers don’t take the time to make a video for each of their OTO pages, however this is often a mistake.

In fact, when I started using funnels I knew i would not have time to {create} a video for each page i would create for each product i would launch. so i made a decision to create collection of funnel clips that would work with each OTO page i would ever want.

I had videos created for my Opt-in Confirmation pages, my initial OTO, my 2nd OTO, Downsell pages, thank you Pages, download Pages, Webinar Presells and more.

If you think that you’ll need to try using a sales funnel some day, you can plug my videos into every of your funnel pages.simply download them at and stash them away for all of your future funnel desires.

They helped me generate a large 20% conversion rate thanks to their friendly, no-pressure scripts.

They additionally come with private Label Rights thus you can sell the complete collection as your own if you want.

Or if you prefer, you can sell them as an affiliate and earn 60% on the front end and 500% through the funnel.

I hope today’s post helps you grow your profits online.


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