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Make Residual income with AIOP

In this post, I will explain how I making around 320$ every single month residual income. Yes, I am getting paid every month from this site. I have been building this business for 4 months now and now I make 320$ every month. Now let’s discuss the business and how you can join our team and start ASAP.

AIOP is the acronym of All In One Profit. It is a company based in the Netherlands and is own by a couple – Johan and Isabella. Aiop has been in business for quite a number of years now and is legitimately operating as Web Business Tools and Services Provider.

This program offers a vast collection of marketing tools that are essential to building a business online. For only $10 per month you get the following:

  • Autoresponder – Unlimited Subscribers;
  • Splash Page / Squeeze Page Builder;
  • Unlimited Premium Website Hosting (using either your own domain or theirs);
  • Free advertising in the form of banner and text ads on their site;
  • Products that you can use to give away to build your email list;
  • AIOP Ad tracker;
  • AIOP Ad rotator;
  • Huge AIOP E-Library.

All these tools are important if you want real residual income from home and AIOP provides that to build your business. But in this post, I will be discussing how we can make a residual income with the AIOP affiliate program.


Compensation Plan

This Affiliate program helps you to BUILD A BUSINESS in any field. Whiles, you make money by referring people to this program, you are given all the tools with how-to videos to guide you to build a successful online business. It is about you and your decision to take control of your business and your money. To make this happen, you need the right, affordable marketing tools.

In the AIOP compensation plan, you will start earning commissions from your first sale which is good. There is a little twist to it though: For each odd-numbered referral you make, you get 100% commissions. While for each even-numbered referral you make, the commissions are passed up to your upline…Subsequently, 100% commissions from every even-numbered referral they make are passed up to you.

Let’s say, for example, you signed up for the $10 Basic Level Membership. You get 100% commissions from your first referral. You will get no commissions for your second referral, but your upline gets 100% commissions from this referral. You get 100% commissions from your third, fifth, seventh….referrals. Your upline gets 100% commissions from your fourth, sixth, eighth…referrals.

I know what you are thinking and that is why would I want to pass that even person up.  Well, guess what each of the people under you does the same thing. So as you help your down-line increase their down-lines and they do the same for theirs, you will continue to grow your own downline and thereby increase your revenue.

It really is a win-win-win situation.  That is why I only bring 12 people to AIOP but I have around 32 people under me. This meany I have 360$ every month because some are pro members that earns me additional income. We in our team works together to help each other succeed that is why most people that join this program with us are enjoying their stay.

AIOP is a marking platform that provides all it takes to promote every business online. The only trick is to set aside some time daily to promote AIOP. At least 30 minutes will take you a long way to succeed.

Nevertheless, teamwork builds a business. That is why social media platforms a growing in number all targeting individual business owners. Therefore it’s important to join a team like ours to get full support 27/7 by email and we created splash pages, email series and other best converting resources for you to start earning residual income. We will even promote for you because building your downline help us to make more profit. By helping you we are helping ourselves.

join AIOP 


I am making money with this site and this site has been for a long time now and it has been paying its member without any problem. So if you want to build a residual income while promoting your other programs then this is for you. You can start by joining AIOP and joining our team we will support you every step.

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Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark here. I am an Online Marketer and Mentor, helping others navigate their way around the Internet marketing World. I have been in this business for several years no and have seen a lot of businesses come and go. I suffered from 'Shiny Object Syndrome' when I first got started. Now I help others to not to fall into that trap. One step at a time.

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