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Make money with cryptotab 2018

Do you ever think that you can earn money while you watching movies, drama, short film or browsing the internet?

Yes! it is true After the creation of the cryptotab browser. Just Install The software and turn on mining give high CPU Usage so you can earn More. You don’t need to stay the mining page, You can browse facebook, youtube or your favorite website.


Cryptotab is a google chrome type browser. This chrome browser enables you to mine and earns free bitcoins. These transactions are specifically blockchain transactions. All you have to do is to install and forget. This will be running in the background, mining bitcoins for you. Even though it may not get a ton of bitcoins to start with, if you refer other people, the earnings will increase greatly.

How Does CryptoTab works?

The idea is that CryptoTab is a huge mining pool which uses the collective power of many computers to earn Bitcoin. This is known as a mining pool.

You will be able to log in your account by using your Facebook or Google account. This is a good idea because your Bitcoin balance will be always safe. If you accidentally delete your app, you will lose all the Bitcoin that you already have mined if you do not create an account.

Mining Speed

It’s actually (sadly) pretty slow at mining, but that’s actually normal. Bitcoin has become more difficult to mine, this means that mining crypto is very very slow.

However, this lightweight browser just sits in the background and mines Bitcoin. It doesn’t seem to affect the computer too much.

If you are looking to get some FREE bitcoins this is a good option but you might have to wait a while for it to generate anything, getting referrals is a good idea (or setting it up on different machines at home).


It’s been fine with my Anti-Virus and Firewall so I would think it is safe to use.

CrytoTab Referal program

You can increase your income massively by referring people. Simply distribute your referral link to friends and family. Once they register with your link, you will definitely earn from them. Remember that for one to earn, google chrome must be opened. As long as your chrome browser is open, you will mine Bitcoins and receive rewards in your account. The income from a large referral network can be thousand times greater than if you mine on your own.

What is their Minimum Payout?

Do You know minimum payout is the first signal of a site that the site is legit or scam? Generally, Scammy site has a very large payout and all trusted site has a very low minimum payout. CryptoTab minimum payout is only 1000 satoshis. Their payment processing time is 6 to 24 hours.

payment proof?

Here are my payment proof and they really pay.


Cryptob is a legit program and they are paying to their users. But if you want to make a good amount of Bitcoin you should consider referring others to cryptotab. They have 10 level referral system this means your referrals will increase fast by referring some in your first level.

Download cryptoTab here

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