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Make Money with Cpagrip Review

CPAGrip is CPA, CPL advertising network where you will be paid for selling affiliate links. CPA programs lock anything from a web page, URL, file, content to exit traffic and the only way to unlock it is by answering surveys the viewer prompted to do. CPAGrip provides high paying offers in all category and for all countries. CPAGrip offers are easy to generate leads and are high paying, which helps you in earning a decent income from your blog or website. CPAGrip is a very well know ad network, you can easily find several good reviews about this network on various websites. CPAGrips offers various monetization tools that you can use to increase your earnings.

CPAGrip offers four different kinds of monetization tools, which are – Content Locker, URL or File Locker, Video Locker, and offer wall.

Content Locker

The title explained everything. You need to lock a valuable content that most people really want, then they will try to unlock it just to obtain that locked content. This works great if you have a very popular and most wanted content given for free.

URL Locker

Works the same as the first mentioned, but the difference is that the main URL / link is the one locked and not the content. You get paid each time a visitor unlock it.

Video Locker

This locker tool locks out your videos and opens it only when the visitor completes a task from cpagrip. This works well if you have interesting videos or video series. You can allow people to watch some part of the video and lock the remaining with the video locker.

Offer Wall

Offer wall basically shows the latest offers and provides you affiliate links to sell. Whenever a visitor completes an offer by following your affiliate link then you will be paid for that. Offer wall provides offers from very low range to very high range, which makes it easier for all kind of publishers to generate a good income out of it.

Referral Program

Promote your CPAGrip referral link on the web and start earning a passive 5% commission from those people who registered under you for life.

General information about CPAgrip

Minimum Payout

The minimum payment threshold required to cash-out your income on CPAGrip is 50$.

Payment Frequency

CPAGrip pays its publishers on Net 30 basis.

Payment Options

CPAGrip offers various payment options to publishers which include PayPal, Payoneer, Wire/ACH, and Check.

Signup And Approval

Signup and approval are quick on CPAGrip, the all you have to do is to fill up and submit a simple registration form and then verify your email to activate your account. There is no need to submit your website for approval.

Summary is a legit and established company since 2012, a competing CPA (cost per action) network much similar to CPALead, BlueTrackMedia, and more. The site does pay users every 30 days (NET30) via various payment gateways like the highly flexible Payoneer Mastercard, PayPal, Wire/ACH and through a check by mail. You get paid once you obtain the minimum amount for withdrawal of $50.

So this is my honest review about Cpagrip if you like the site you can signup here

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