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How I Make 30$ Everyday For FREE Online

Hello, guys today I am going to share the method I use daily to make 10$-30$ every single day totally for free. Stop wasting your time on some websites that are not paying. After being scammed so many time I managed to get some programs that really pay you for your effort and time. Read this post to the end to learn more about how I am making money daily. You can also work on this sites from your mobile. NOTE I have withdrawn from all the site below and posted my payment proof so you can be certain that these programs are legit.

Enough said let us go directly to the list……..

1. Coinut


This is a cryptocurrency trading website and it is a very legit site. I am not making money by trading with this site. I make money by referring free members to this site. They pay 0.002 litecoin for every referral you bring to their site. They are legit and I have withdrawn from this site multiple time. You don’t have to trade or invest to make money with this site. Below is one of my payment proof

Just register and start referring and make litecoins fast. They have an instant payout to your wallet.

More about Coinut

 Join Coinut

2. Cryptotab

This site is only for desktop users and it pays bitcoin for using your chrome only. You don’t have to do anything just install the plugin use chrome like you use before and it will mine for you in the background. It is not much but you are not doing any work so small money is better than no money. And if you can get many referrals they have a very amazing referral program 10 level deep. I know someone who makes 50$ worth bitcoin every day with this site so if you know how to use it this will definitely help you for extra money. My payment proof from Cryptotab,

More about cryptotab


3. Top Surfer

The best thing about the TopSurfer advertising platform is its consistency. It’s been around since 2001. This site is a great site to make money online and advertise your business for FREE. They have three ways to make money with Topsurfer like

  1. Become a Wholesale Member and refer other people to TopSurfer.
    When people become a wholesale member under you, they would pay you directly and you would keep 100% of the money.
  2.  Surf the Hit Exchange and earn .0006 for each site you view.
  3. Open and read TopSurfer Solo-Ads for each solo-ad you read then click and open the link and view the site, you will earn .003 USD.

They have 150 solo ads every day and 100 hit exchange ads every day. That means you are getting around 0.5$ every day for free and ton’s of traffic to your offer. They pay you instantly when you have at least 10$ in your account.

More about earning at top surfer

Join Topsurfer

4. Infinitytrafficboost

This is another site to get traffic and bitcoin. with this site you have the ability to earn bitcoin by viewing ads on the traffic exchange. ITB gives you many visitors plus a bitcoin reward for your effort.

my payment proof.

If you want more detail about ITB read this blog post it has all the information you need

More about infinity traffic boost

join ITB

So this is my lists of the best program I use to make money right now. By combining this four programs I manage to get 10$ -30$ every day for free. Register for all the program listed above and start making money. I will update this post every day for new money making opportunity so come back and check for new sites.

Comment if you have any problem with the site above or if you need any help. Thanks for reading the post


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Hello everyone I am Rob and i am a full time blogger, I have this and many other blogs. I have also a membership sites, web stores and funnels in different niches. I have been building blogs, stores and other website in multiple niches for almost 5 years now. In this Blog i help people to start making money online fast and easily as possible. I will also try to stop people falling in to the hands of scammers by writing reviews about any product i have knowledge about. Thank you Rob

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