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How to make money with  is a URL shortening service. However, unlike other link redirection services that you might already be familiar with, is built around the concept of paying their users to use their service. Now, it’s not likely that you are going to make a lot of money with a link redirection service, but you definitely can make money. Even more so if you have access to a heavily trafficked site or community.

First has a higher commission rate compared to others. Secondly, it doesn’t display any third party ads on “your” site, instead of that intermediary page I was talking about is used for it. And for the third point, it has around a dozen advanced tools and elements to help your monetization easier. is a platform where advertisers publish their websites for “impressions”, when you open a certain URL using a URL, the intermediary page that comes up has some kind of website embedded in it.

Now, this is what makes it special. It does not kill your professionalism in order to make money for you. Because the ads are displayed on an intermediary page, and thus your website does not come up. Your website remains hidden till the user has clicked on the “continue” button, so, no risk of your website’s reputation going down. gets paid for embedding this website there, and then you get paid because it was your URL which made the impression happen. Benefits

There are some benefits you get while using Here are some of them

Hides the Original Link

When Affiliate Marketing, it helps you hide your affiliate URL. Which increases your chances of getting more sales. The links look legit, clean and short. Your Original URL is hidden, and you get more sales done.`

More Links in A Limited Space

Some landing pages, product sales page and other pages have some rules to themselves. When you have a limited character support on such services, helps you include more links, in a shorter space which adds to your power of promoting more product, and hence get more sales done. Advanced Features and Tools has a lot of options to help you with the monetization. It’s tools and services help you integrate and use the URL’s with ease, get more exposure and clicks thus overall increasing your revenue.

Mass Shrinker

Mass Shrinker is one of the options that let you shrink more than one URL, with a single click.

It lets you shrink as many as 20 URL’s on a single page with a single click. If you have a lot’s of links to be shortened, it helps to save your time and does it professionally.

Affiliate Programs also has an Affiliate Program in place to boost your revenue up. The affiliate program works in the same manner as any other affiliate program. You have to refer users to, and in return, it pays you 20% of your referrals incomes for the rest of your lives.

It works on automation, that’s a benefit for you if you want to earn, but not work. So what you do is, you refer some guys using your link. Now all the work will be done by those guys, and not you.

You sit back and relax. They will work, make money, and 20% of each referral keeps flowing into your pockets, forever. Without you even need to sign in to Commission Rates

There’s no fixed rate for any number of hits, and the price you would get paid. It depends on a lot of factors. pays you around $10.80 (roughly) for 1000 hits. It’s higher, way higher, compared to a lot of other, similar companies out there.

The rates depend on some other factors too, like the traffic source, country of origin and other such sort data. But, $10.80 is the average you are going to be paid.

These rates are definitely higher and better than it’s competition. No doubt about that.

No Website Required does not make it mandatory for you to have a website to make money with it.

This is what makes a viable option to make money online, other than AdSense or affiliate marketing.

Because all those other platforms and strategies need a website in order to make money.

With the end goal is promoting the link and getting it clicked. It gives you the freedom to achieve this goal, via any means you wish.

Payment proof

For those of you who have doubt about this site here are my payment proof.

Payment proof 1- click here
Payment proof 2- click here

Final thought is probably the best URL shortener out there. What makes it stand out is it’s highly incomparable commissions.

No other URL shortener pays you as high as

** I am still earning with this site but I am not active now because I am now trying my other business but for starting is a great option out there.

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