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How to get traffic using Traffic Exchange

If you are starting your journey in the internet marketing world, you would definitely know how hard it is to get quality traffic to your site and offers. Traffic is the most important piece of a puzzle in the online business success.

If you are doing some research on how to get traffic on google you will find some methods to find traffic to your site which maybe free or paid. You will most likely to find traffic exchange in the list of traffic source, So what is traffic exchange??

As the name implies it simply means exchanging views between members. The traffic exchange members will see your page or site and in return you will see their page. A good traffic exchange platform can have tens of thousands of active members who can all visit your website. Some traffic exchanges even have more than 100,000 members.

So how does it work?? When you view others page you will get credit and you will use that credit to get views for your site. It is simple as that!! Don’t expect high quality traffic from traffic exchanges because they are visiting your site to get credits they are not interested in your site.

So how can you use traffic exchanges

To start using traffic exchange is really simple and fast. You just have to register, add your site then visit others website. Almost every traffic exchanges are free to start with optional upgrade. So starting with traffic exchanges are easy and fast. The downsides of free membership of Traffic exchange is they mostly give you lower credits like 0.5credit for 1 visit or 0.3credit to 1 visit.

It means you get 0.5 credit if you visit one site for the given time. So you get 1 visit to your site if you visit 2 site or you get 10 visits if you visit 20 websites. Every traffic exchange also have timer, timer means the second you will visit others site. Mostly timer is around 9-12 second and upgraded members usually have lower timer. So this is basically how traffic exchange works, it is exchanging views with members.

You may be wondering does this traffic do any good for my site?? Yes if you can use it wisely you can get traffic that converts. Traffic from traffic exchanges work best with splash pages or optin pages instead of full website with content. You should use a simple eye catching spalsh page becasue remember people are visiting your site for small time for the credits so you should get their attention fast.

Types of traffic exchanges

There are two types of traffic exchanges you can use

  1. Manual traffic exchange

Manual traffic exchange is where you visit others people sites manually and click captcha after the timer is finished. You get credit for every visit. This websites are better to the other sites because they force the members to see the page until the timer run out. I recommend manual traffic exchange because it gives you real views.

     2. Autosurf traffic exchanges

Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised websites in one’s web browser. This sites on the other hand you don’t even have to view others site you just have to open the autosurf on your browser and the website keep rotating giving you credits.

You r websites will be added to the rotated ads, it is really easy to get credit here but people are not actually seeing your site. They just open the autsurf page and do other stuff instead of visiting. So in my opinion autosurf are not worth.

This are the two kinds of traffic exchanges and manual traffic exchange is way better than that of autosurf because people are at-least visiting your site and with the right strategy you can make them convert well.

How to use traffic exchange effectively??

You are right that the standard of the traffic is quite poor as a result of peoples main interest is obtaining their sites seen and not visiting yours.  However if You advertise the proper approach ( which is getting folks to a splash page ) then you’ll be able to catch their attention and solely once they’re interested enough to click on your splash or enter their email You forward them to your web site.

The splash page is obtaining all the spammy ten sec. views and once your catchy headline makes the viewer wish a lot of information You collect his email or get a true traveler on your website.

If You expected that individuals stop surfing on the exchange to spend an hour on your website then you shouldn’t blame the traffic exchanges or say they don’t work. You simply used them in AN inappropriate manner!! You need to use a correct approach to get a good result with traffic exchanges.

My final Thought

In my opinion you can exploit traffic exchanges with correct approach. But if you want to send visitors to your blog or offers directly, trust me you will not get any result for sure. I personally use them for my splash pages to collect emails and i get some sign ups where i send my offers through email. So you should use them wisely instead of adding your blog or website directly.

Please share your thought with us about traffic exchange in the comment section.

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